About the artist


Yolanda began drawing and painting at 11 years of age.  She was inspired by some classmates drawing pictures of horses and was intrigued by the process.  Her older brother, Bob, encouraged her by teaching her how to "see as an artist".  She continued to work on developing her skill, never losing the drive to improve and grow.  She says, "Art offers unlimited opportunity to explore new paths, be inspired by different subjects and learn new techniques.  It can be a continual learning experience, and it is exciting to see how one grows as an artist."


She studied art at community colleges in the 80s and 90s including watercolor, oil painting and color theory with Gary Pruner.  She also studied drawing and composition with John Kaneko and portraiture with D. Brown.  She continues her lifelong desire to improve as an artist with self-study and periodic workshops.


Yolanda has made the Sacramento Area her home since the age of 3.  She has been active in the Sacramento art community for several years.  She participates in open figure and portraiture sessions with other artists at various locations.  She shows her work at The Art Studios during Sacramento's Second Saturday Art Walk.  "We have a wonderful community of talented artists and art lovers in Sacramento.  It is gratifying to see how many people come out on Second Saturday to support art here."